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ZYM is a premium quality electrolyte drink tablet that effectively hydrates endurance athletes during exercise, training and competition. At only 8 calories per serving and without sugar, ZYM replaces electrolytes athletes lose during activity making natural energy, fresh legs and enhanced performance possible. In addition, its unique effervescent formula allows for quick absorption and settles the stomach during strenuous physical activities.

All ZYM electrolyte drink tablets -- ZYM Grape, plus ZYM Berry, ZYM Orange, and ZYM Lemon-Lime -- are gluten-free, vegan, and use natural sweeteners (Stevia), natural colors, and natural flavors.

Whether you’re biking a century, running a marathon or going through rigorous training, ZYM is the answer to all of your hydration needs.

ZYM is the most powerful electrolyte drink tablet out there for intense workouts. It quickly replaces what your body needs – potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamins.

ZYM restores electrolytes and reduces fatigue, muscle cramps,and lactic acid - maximizing your body’s potential. Drop a lemon-lime ZYM tablet in your water bottle, give it a minute to dissolve and drink up! No messy powder, no extra packets... just a lightweight water–resistant tube that holds 10 tabs and can easily fit anywhere.

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