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We believe consumers should have a great tasting product that is fast and effective for athletes during training and competition.

BE Innovations
BE Innovations develops portable health and wellness products for people with active lifestyles. BE Innovations is headquartered in Chicago, Ill., with distribution partners throughout the world. Its primary product, ZYM, is a portable electrolyte tablet designed to prevent dehydration and muscle burn. ZYM is dedicated to improving the performance in athletes of all levels.

Create a positive and meaningful experience that will enrich the lives of athletes. ZYM plays an important role in athletes from all over the world. ZYM is the essential fuel for your body’s engine to get hydrated: The secret weapon for training and competition. We want you to better your best.

Our vision is to be the most premier brand for athletes in the sport nutrition industry. A ZYM bottle in every gym bag.

As our company grows, it starts to become more important to tell our clients what we believe in and what we value. Over the next few months, updating them to give you a better idea of what we’re about. Stay tuned.

For years I searched for a hydration product I can take with me during long bike rides. I would fill up a water bottle at home with a hydration powder, make a mess on my counter, and then get on my bike. Miles after downing the hydration solution, I would fill up with just water… nothing to replace the electrolytes I lost. Some people I know would take the powders with them in a food storage bag. I never found that method very convenient. Plus, the powder inevitably settled on the bottom of the bottle, leaving a chalky aftertaste. I was just as unsatisfied with bottled products due to their sugar content and clunky size.

I knew a better more portable electrolyte option must exist. During a European cycling trip, I stopped in a mountain village for a quick break. Thirsty and fatigued, I hoped to find some sports drink within the town's local apothecary. I was instructed by a wise pharmacist to drop a local product in the form of an effervescent tablet into my water bottle — instantly, the idea for ZYM was born.

My passion for cycling, desire for competition, and persistence on spreading the word made Zym possible. I owe a great deal of thanks to my friends and family who have been great supporters... especially my mom and dad who never stopped encouraging me.